There is a huge selection of lubricants in the automotive market. In this regard, both an ordinary driver and a specialist will not be able to give an unambiguous answer to the question of which engine oil manufacturer to choose. We offer and recommend the proven brands.
  • Engine: D13B500
  • Engine oil capacity, liter: 33-37
  • Manual transmission capacity, liter: 13,5-16
  • Automatic transmission capacity, liter: 35
  • Differential capacity, liter: 9-19
  • Power steering capacity, liter: 6-9
  • Cooling system capacity, liter: 44
  • Year: 2007-

Engine oil

  • Synthetic oil: Low SAPS UHPD 10W-40

Manual transmission

  • Transmission oil: 80W90 GL 5


  • Synthetic gear oil: 75W90 GL5

Automatic transmission

  • Synthetic transmission fluid: AISIN-AW

Power steering

  • Synthetic transmission fluid: AISIN-AW

Cooling system

  • Antifreeze for the engine: Antifreeze G12 red