Engine Oil and Fluid Recommendation for Opel Sintra – 3.0 Today, a huge range of motor oils can be found on sale, and this greatly complicates the choice not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced driver with experience. You should not be surprised, because on the shelves of car dealerships you can look at both affordable and more expensive products of various brands.
  • Engine: X30XE
  • Engine oil capacity, liter: 4.5
  • Automatic transmission capacity, liter: 3.5
  • Power steering capacity, liter: 0.8
  • Cooling system capacity, liter: 5.9
  • Year: 1996-99

Engine oil

  • Synthetic oil: 5W-40

Automatic transmission

  • Synthetic transmission fluid: AISIN-AW

Power steering

  • Synthetic transmission fluid: AISIN-AW

Cooling system

  • Antifreeze for the engine: Antifreeze G12+ violet